What is the Partnership for Nonprofit Excellence?

The Partnership for Nonprofit Excellence is a local resource center in Richmond that helps to strengthen nonprofits across the region through education, volunteerism, and an online information network. We help build a stronger community through effective nonprofits. The Partnership includes four partner programs: HandsOn Greater Richmond, ConnectVA, Nonprofit Learning Point, and Organizational Solutions. Each program is dedicated to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the Greater Richmond nonprofit community.

What board training opportunities are available?

The Partnership offers many ways to help local nonprofits develop and train their board of directors. Our “Building Blocks for Board Members” workshop is ideal for anyone who is interested in board service or has recently become a board member for the first time. Our “Governance Excellence” workshop is designed for nonprofit board members who know the basic roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board, and are looking for ways to make their governance work have greater impact. Check out the upcoming schedule here.

We also connect interested people to board opportunities in the area. Visit Boardlink, a database that helps facilitate matching of individuals to potential local board openings.



How do I get on the Partnership’s mailing list for regular communications?

The Partnership has an electronic newsletter about upcoming classes and events which you can sign up for at the bottom of this page next to subscribe. Each partner program also has electronic news letters. Please visit their sites to sign up.

How does the Partnership relate to The Community Foundation?

The Partnership for Nonprofit Excellence was created in 2006 by The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia with the common goal of helping local nonprofits succeed. The Partnership is a separately incorporated 501(c)3 publicly supported charity, with a broad base of support from area funders and individual donors. The Community Foundation funds a portion of the Partnership’s annual operating budget and provides back office services and shared meeting space.

Who oversees the work of the Partnership?

An experienced and trained staff of nearly 20 led by President and CEO Kathleen Demro, and a board of directors from the local community lead the work of the Partnership.

Where is the Partnership located?

The Partnership is headquartered in The Boulders Office Park in Richmond, Virginia. This office is easily accessible off of the Powhite Parkway and the Chippenham Parkway with free parking. Click here for directions to our office.

Does the Partnership award grants to nonprofits?

The Partnership does not offer grants to nonprofit organizations. We are a 501(c)3 ourselves and seek grants to subsidize program offerings. The Partnership does provide training to nonprofit organizations on how to prepare successful grant proposals through Nonprofit Learning Point classes.

How can I get involved?

There are multiple ways to become involved with us! You can sign up to volunteer at a local nonprofit event or project through HandsOn Greater Richmond. HandsOn volunteer opportunities include a variety of projects such as painting murals to brighten childcare centers, fixing meals for low-income individuals, and cleaning up local parks. There are flexible opportunities, even ones you can do at home, for anyone interesting in improving our community! You can take classes through Nonprofit Learning Point on a range of topics from strategic planning to volunteer resource management. You can also learn about joining a local board of directors through our educational Building Blocks for Board Members workshops and follow local nonprofit news or find a nonprofit job through ConnectVA.

What is capacity building?

Capacity building includes actions that improve nonprofit effectiveness and enhance a nonprofit’s ability to work towards its mission. Our programs at the Partnership strive to help local nonprofits develop and enhance their operations and programming. Capacity building efforts can include a broad range of approaches including training, coaching, and supporting collaboration with other nonprofits.

Who benefits from the resources available at the Partnership?

Everyone! The Partnership offers a variety of programs and services for nonprofit organizations, nonprofit professionals, individuals, and companies interested in making our community stronger.