Organizational Solutions

Evolve to sustain progress.

Vision, resilience, adaptability, accountability — a few of the qualities needed to achieve and sustain success. Organizational Solutions helps nonprofit leaders, boards and staff develop and cultivate these qualities by providing in-depth, affordable organizational development services.

A more effective, more efficient organization

Faced with the demanding reality of providing day-to-day services, nonprofits require ongoing support to help them evolve and expand to meet growing community needs.

By helping nonprofits identify their strengths and weaknesses, we work with the leadership team, staff and volunteers to develop strategies and implement a plan that addresses challenges, embraces change, and achieves the mission.

Program offerings include:
  • Organizational development training
  • Board development and training
  • Tools and resources
  • Nonprofit technical assistance
Building Blocks for Nonprofit Board Members

Building Blocks for Nonprofit Board Members is a 3.5 hour workshop that provides an excellent introduction to the nonprofit sector, the life cycles of nonprofits and their boards, and an overview of board roles and responsibilities.

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Through BoardLink, the Partnership facilitates the connection of nonprofit organizations to trained and talented individuals who are interested in nonprofit board service. BoardLink prepares individuals for board service and aligns their passions and skills with the mission and needs of organizations.

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